How Do Muscles Grow? Science & Physiology Of Muscle Growth

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If you are thinking of increasing your muscle mass or strength or becoming a bodybuilder, you are probably wondering how the muscles grow. There are so many types of muscles in the body. But to grow muscles for bodybuilding, you need to focus on the skeletal muscles. This is where muscle growth happens. While people are aware of the fact that lifting weights builds muscles, they don’t know the exact science.

If you are thinking about why it’s important to know the details, knowing the details can help you find the right balance between workouts and diet. Diet, workouts, and taking proper supplements are important for building muscles. Steroids can be taken as supplements to bulk up for bodybuilding. 

Find out what causes muscle growth and how you can boost your performance. 

What is Muscle Growth or hypertrophy?

To understand the process of muscle growth, you first need to know what hypertrophy is. It is a mechanism that makes your muscles grow when your body goes to a resting state. When you work out in the gym or anywhere, your muscles go through stress. This is necessary. This results in wear and tear of the muscles. Now, your body will need rest to repair and replace the damaged muscle fibers. 

During the resting period, your muscle fibers go through a process at the cellular level where it combines muscle fibers to create new muscle protein strands, also known as myofibrils. These myofibrils are thicker and more in number than before. This is called muscle hypertrophy or muscle growth.

Remember that muscle growth happens when the rate of muscle protein synthesis is more than the rate of muscle protein breakdown. And this happens when you are resting, which is why it is such an important part of bodybuilding. 

Role of Hormones in Muscle Building 

It’s a well-known fact that hormones like Testosterone are very important for muscle building. This is the hormone that makes protein synthesis in the muscles. This is why steroids are used to boost muscle building. Anabolic steroid is a type of synthetic testosterone hormone and helps speed-up the protein synthesis. You can buy steroids online in Canada to achieve your fitness goals faster. 

Testosterone is needed to increase protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown. It also helps in activating the satellite cells and stimulates other anabolic hormones. Strength and resistance training do help in releasing more testosterone. It helps in the production of growth hormones in the body. 

What Promotes Muscle Growth?

Stress is an important factor in muscle growth. By working out and putting a strain on muscle helps muscle growth. The stress causes disruption in homeostasis which again results in three mechanisms that promote muscle growth. 

Here are the three factors that result in muscle growth:

  • Muscle Tension 

Creating muscle tension is important for promoting muscle growth. This is done to bring your muscle out of its comfort zone. The stress applied to the muscle needs to be greater than what your body is comfortable with. You have to lift heavy weights and put stress to cause wear and tear. This results in muscle growth when the body goes into repair mode. When the muscles are repaired, it increases in size and strength. This process goes on and you can bulk up.  

  • Muscle Damage

Muscle damage is needed to promote muscle growth. This is a good thing and not something to worry about. After a workout, you will be sore which happens due to localized muscle damage. This damage results in the activation of satellite cells, which helps in muscle growth. It is important to cause muscle damage. The absence of soreness doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

  • Metabolic Stress

Metabolic stress is important for muscle growth too. It causes swelling around the muscle and causes muscles to grow. This might not increase the strength but it will give a bulk-up look. You might have noticed that some lean muscles people can lift the same weight as a bulked-up person. This happens when the strength is equal in both the person irrespective of the size of the muscles. 

These three factors are important for muscle growth. Proper diet, workouts, and the use of supplements like anabolic steroids can help promote muscle growth.

The Bottom Line

Muscle growth is important for bodybuilding and gaining more muscles. It is important to understand the mechanism of muscle growth so that you can build muscles the right way. With proper workouts, diet, and supplements, you can build muscle faster and more efficiently. Make sure that you buy the best quality steroids online in Canada. is your one-stop destination for buying steroids in Canada online. We have a wide range of steroid products in both orals and injectables. All our products are designed for the best results and come from reliable suppliers and brands. We strive to provide the best quality steroids online in Canada. 

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