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Discover Anavar, the potent and safe anabolic steroid revolutionizing the fitness world. With remarkable versatility, it caters to various athletic goals, from building muscle and strength to burning fat. Anavar’s anabolic potential surpasses testosterone fourfold, making it perfect for women without androgenic side effects.

This therapeutic agent aids in weight gain after surgery or infection and promotes bone density to combat osteoporosis. Ideal for cutting cycles, Oxandrolone preserves muscle while shedding body fat.

Elevate your performance with Anavar, unlocking your true potential and achieving the physique you desire. Enjoy the benefits of fast, discreet shipping and secure payment when buying from our website BuyRoidsCanada. Remember to consult a healthcare professional before use. Experience minimal side effects and maximum results on your journey to athletic excellence.

How does Anavar work?

Oxandrolone works by enhancing nitrogen retention in the muscles, promoting protein synthesis and muscle growth. Additionally, it inhibits Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), freeing up more testosterone to exert its anabolic effects and contribute to muscle growth, strength, and performance.

This unique combination of increased nitrogen retention and reduced SHBG activity allows Anavar to interact effectively with other steroids like testosterone, amplifying their benefits and resulting in enhanced muscle mass, improved strength, and a defined physique.

Anavar’s mechanisms of action make it a valuable and popular choice for athletes and bodybuilders seeking safe and effective muscle growth and performance enhancement.

Anavar Benefits

Here are 7 key benefits of Oxandrolone for bodybuilding:

  1. Beginner-Friendly: Anavar’s safety profile makes it an excellent choice for beginners who may be hesitant about using more potent steroids.
  2. Strength Increase: Anavar enables users to lift heavier weights, leading to progress in bodybuilding.
  3. Lean Muscle Growth: The steroid enhances muscle nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, facilitating better muscle development.
  4. Muscle Preservation: Anavar’s anti-catabolic properties prevent muscle breakdown during cutting phases, aiding in maintaining muscle volume while getting a six-pack.
  5. Fat Loss: Anavar is highly effective for achieving a shredded physique, making it popular among professional bodybuilders for competitions.
  6. Safety: Compared to other anabolic steroids, Anavar has fewer side effects, making it a safe and suitable option, especially for beginners.
  7. Low Liver Stress: Anavar is unique in that it is metabolized in the kidneys, reducing liver stress often associated with oral steroids.
  8. Female-Friendly: Designed for women and children, Anavar’s gentle nature leads to minimal androgenic side effects in female users.
  • Recommended Male Dosage: 20-100mg per day
  • Minimum cycle length: 6 weeks
  • Ideal cycle length: 12 weeks
  • Maximum cycle length: 20 weeks
  • Recommended Female Dosage: 5-10mg per day (6 weeks minimum to 12 weeks maximum)


Anavar Bulking Cycle Stacks:

12-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and HGH

  • Anavar: 60mg/day (20mg morning, 20mg mid-day, 20mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Cypionate: 500mg/week (250mg on Monday and Thursday)
  • HGH: 4IU/day (2IU morning before a meal, 2IU evening, before sleep)

10-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and Deca

  • Anavar: 30mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg mid-day, 10mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Cypionate: 500mg/week (250mg on Monday and Thursday)
  • Deca: 250mg/week (125mg on Monday and Thursday)

14-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and Masteron

  • Anavar: 30mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg mid-day, 10mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 300mg/week (150mg/3 days)
  • Masteron Enanthate: 600mg/week (300mg/3 days)

Stacking Anavar for Cutting

Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Mass: 4. 12-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and Tren

  • Anavar: 30mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg mid-day, 10mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 500mg/week (250mg/3 days)
  • Trenbolone Enanthate: 200mg/week (100mg/3 days)

12-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and Masteron

  • Anavar: 30mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg mid-day, 10mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Propionate: 100mg/EOD (EOD – every other day)
  • Masteron (Drostanolone) Propionate: 150mg/EOD

14-week cycle Anavar with Testosterone and Primobolan

  • Anavar: 30mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg mid-day, 10mg evening, before sleep)
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 500mg/week (250mg/3 days)
  • Primobolan (Metenolone Enanthate): 600mg/week (300mg/3 days)

Anavar Stacking for Female:

  • Women should avoid high androgenic steroids to prevent virilization.
  • Recommended Stacks: Primbolan, Masteron, Nandrolone, and Equipoise.
  • Other Choices: HGH, T3, and Clenbuterol (show least androgen activity among anabolic steroids).

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