Testosterone for Women Bodybuilders in 2024 (Dos and Dont’s)

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone present in male reproductive systems, and it is present in women’s ovaries at a minimum level, according to an article in the National Library of Medicine. Along with estrogen, Testosterone contributes to the growth of bone mass and reproductive tissues, maintaining figures, reducing weight, and slight changes in behaviour. 

Testosterone is a common anabolic steroid among male bodybuilders or who attend bodybuilding competitions. However, testosterone has various benefits for women Bodybuilders, including burning body fat, losing weight, increasing muscle strength and bone mass, and improving hormone levels that usually decline after menopause. 

Potential Benefits of Testosterone for Women Bodybuilders

Potential Benefits of Testosterone for Women Bodybuilders

The potential benefits of testosterone for female weight lifters are increased muscle mass and strength, enhanced bone density and metabolism, improved body composition and definition, cutting weight, and burning fat.

Increased Muscle Growth and Strength

Testosterone aims to gain muscle and strength and stimulates protein synthesis, according to a study done by Hargun Kaur and Geoff H. In addition, testosterone increases lean mass and strength for female bodybuilders.

It contributes to reducing fatigue and makes exercise easier. For women with lower testosterone levels, intake of Testosterone can build lean muscles and maintain muscles. 

Enhanced Bone Density and Metabolism

Testosterone improves metabolic health and enhances bone density and is directly linked with bone density. Low testosterone levels can create a risk of osteoporosis in women. According to the National Library of Medicine, the research indicates that Testosterone boosts mineral density in the hip and spine and contributes to the growth of metabolism. 

Improved Body Composition and Definition

Testosterone helps reduce fat and strengthen muscles, thus improving body composition and definition. According to the National Library of Medicine, Daniel & Jones said that a decrease in testosterone levels from normal causes a decrease in metabolism. The hormonal imbalance results in higher body weight as it produces lesser Testosterone.

Cutting weight and Fat-burning

In the cutting cycle, the goal is to cut off body fat but without disturbing muscle maintenance. Women bodybuilders schedule and plan the cutting cycle phase 2-4 weeks prior to the show, depending upon how much fat needs to be burnt.

To achieve the goal, women bodybuilders are required to consume lower caloric stuff, approximately 10-15% lower, along with a testosterone dosage of 3-5% nmol/l as testosterone dosage maintains the fat burning actively, which is helpful in the cutting cycle.

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The recommended testosterone dosage for female bodybuilders in the bulking cycle phase is 40.5 mg of Testosterone every day in the morning. Whereas in the cutting cycle phase, the testosterone intake is 25-50 mg every two days in a week.

For Bulking

The ideal dosage for Testosterone in the bulking cycle is 40.5 mg once every day in the morning. The Bulking cycle starts when there are no bodybuilding shows planned or scheduled. During this phase, women bodybuilders focus on increasing lean muscles.

The goal is to build muscles but at the same time maintain body fat. In the bulking cycle, to achieve the goal, a higher intake of calories is required, ranging from 20-25% higher than usual. 

For Cutting

Testosterone dosage for the cutting cycle should be between 25-50 mg every two days. The Cutting cycle is decided for women’s bodybuilding shows depending on how much body fat loss is needed. Its goal is to have reduced body fat till limited muscle fatigue. 

The PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is mandatory to follow for reducing side effects of Testosterone. A woman must take PCT to overcome unwanted issues and stress. PCT is required for returning back to homeostasis after hormonal disbalance caused by extreme dieting, training sessions, cardio, and exercise.

Extreme cellular development affects the communication happening in ovaries, which creates the Ovarian Adrenal Thyroid Axis (OAT). Physical or mental stress affects the basal metabolic rate, which causes long-term damage. 

Avoiding PCT protocol impacts estrogen, Testosterone, and hormone suppression, harms liver damage, and increases cortisol production. 

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Dos and Don’ts of Testosterone Use for Women Bodybuilders

Dos and Don'ts of Testosterone Use for Women Bodybuilders

The Dos of testosterone use by women bodybuilders include consulting a medical professional, focusing on your nutrition and workout, taking low doses, tracking progress, and responsible sourcing of Testosterone.

The Don’ts of testosterone use for women bodybuilders include self-prescribing, overdosing, buying from illicit sources, relying solely on Testosterone, and not taking PCT.


  • Consult a Medical Professional: The human body is unpredictable and incompatible sometimes, but hormones play a vital role. Testosterone is an important hormone that drives our bone density, muscle strength, and burning fat. Hence, before consuming Testosterone, it is required for doctor consultation. The dosage consumption without medical consultation severely impacts the body negatively. 
  • Focus on your nutrition and workout routine: Initially women for bodybuilding should focus on nutrition and workout schedules instead of testosterone dosage consumption. After all, Testosterone is a chemical that can react with health; hence, boosting Testosterone naturally is a better option. 
  • Start at Low Doses: Although to get faster results within a desired time, the optimal amount of Testosterone is absolutely fine. The low dosage has less negative impact on the body with reduced side effects. 
  • Track progress and adjust protocols as needed: Once you are on dosage consumption, daily tracking should be done to check if the results are returning appropriately. According to the National Library of Medicine, there are PCT protocols to adjust side effects.
  • Responsible Sourcing and Administration: During making a purchase, the source and administration responsible for the production of products should be rectified. No involvement of illegitimate sources should be there, as it could cause severe punishment. 


  • Self-Prescribe: Self-prescribed medication of Testosterone dosage impacts severely, causing heart attacks or any other damage to ovaries. It is dangerous to have Testosterone without any medical consultation, as it has an increased clotting factor and severe cardiac issues.  
  • Overdosing or ignoring proper monitoring and adjustments: In a race to have faster results, overdosing on Testosterone takes place. Improper monitoring of Testosterone with scheduled training and nutritional consumption is also equally harmful.  
  • Buying from Illicit Sources: Purchasing testosterone from illegal websites or smuggled sources results in severe imprisonment. Therefore, never buy Testosterone illegally. 
  • Rely Solely on Testosterone for Results: To solely rely on Testosterone is of no use, as it only increases side effects and results negatively. While taking Testosterone, following a proper diet, eating healthy, maintaining muscles, and doing cardio sessions are mandatory. 
  • Not taking PCT: Not taking PCT protocol results in side effects like decreased scalp hair growth, masculinizing, mental stress, decreased metabolic rates, and hoarseness.

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Women Bodybuilders Before and After Testosterone Cycle

As testosterone increases lean muscle strength, improves bone density, and burns fat, women observe body changes within the first week of using it. For the time being, the muscle tone and leanness are apparent. For full transformation, the body needs to have Testosterone for six weeks. 

For rapid transformation, burn as many calories as possible and only eat healthy food along with continuous exercise and weightlifting. Maintaining this rhythm effects to enhance faster and achieve results. 

A female bodybuilder notices the actual transformation from the fourth week of consumption depending upon the parameters, which include food, exercise, generic building, and fitness objectives. 

The positive outcomes that are visible from this transformation are improved body composition, muscle tone and definition, weight management and fat loss, and outstanding athletic performance. 

Side Effects of Testosterone for Women

The side effects of Testosterone for women are virilization and physical changes, cardiovascular and metabolic health risks, fertility and reproductive concerns, and hormonal imbalances.

Virilization and Physical Changes

Testosterone results in physical body change in women and virilization. The symptoms of virilization are having a mustache, increased body hair, deepness in voice, a pattern of male baldness, smaller breasts, and irregular breasts. This virilization is caused because of consumption of Testosterone and polycystic ovary syndrome. 

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health Risks

According to the National Library of Medicine, Dr. Daniel & Dr. Jones reported in the Effect of Testosterone on Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiovascular Risk Factors that an extra dosage of Testosterone causes heart attack and higher blood pressure. Especially with women who have existing cardiovascular conditions, having Testosterone is unsuitable.

As per the scientific research described in Science Direct Journal, health risks and cardiovascular issues take place due to increasing estrogen levels. 

Fertility and Reproductive Concerns

Exogenous testosterone has a negative impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary gonadal axis which inhibits the production of hormones in follicles. It reduces reproductive issues and hence can cause infertility. It is not uncommon for female anabolic steroid users to experience period and fertility issues.

Hormonal Imbalances

Stopping testosterone intake affects hormones that can cause imbalance and instability. Without taking the PCT cycle, it is too risky to stop testosterones.

The testosterone hormones are delicate to maintain, as most of the activities of muscle and strength are liable to the homeostasis of hormones. Hence, following the PCT protocol is necessary to reduce side effects and decrease health risks and metabolic rate.  

Alternative supplement for female bodybuilders

There are alternative supplements present for female bodybuilders in the market, including

  1. Anavar for women
  2. SARMs
  3. Winstrol

Legal and Ethical Considerations Surrounding Testosterone Use in Females

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the authors of the research have mentioned the seriousness of eligibility criteria set for selecting female athletes. One of the factors is hyperandrogenism for competing in the sport’s elite. 

As per the IAAF policy, it is declared that women with 10 nmol/L of testosterone level are allowed to participate in athletics. It is necessary to go through a thorough medical investigation to check testosterone levels and androgen levels. 

According to Clinical guidelines, excessive testosterone or anabolic androgenic steroid use in women can cause mood instability, severe cosmetic changes, body image disorder, and breast atrophy. Morevoer, anabolic steroid abuse can lead to negative psychiatric and medical effects.

Where to buy Testosterone for women in Canada online?

Testosterone should be purchased from authorized and legal sources responsible for administering such supplements. Testosterone for women is easily available online in Canada. You can explore and place an order at for Testosterone. 


What other anabolic steroids do female bodybuilders use?

Female bodybuilders use various other anabolic androgenic steroids like Anavar, Clenbuterol, and Winstrol.

What are the safest steroids for female bodybuilders?

The safest steroid for female bodybuilders is Anavar.

What is the best testosterone ester for women?

Testosterone Cypionate is the best testosterone ester for women. 

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Final Thoughts

To use Testosterone is comprehensively a better choice for building a body for women. It helps to burn fats, enhance bone density, and increase leanness in muscles; hence, this adds value for purchasing testosterone. 

It is also helpful for the preparation of bodybuilding shows and for planning a nutritious diet. The reduction of testosterone levels completely impacts body shape, resulting in low bone density, lesser strength, and muscle leanness. However, developing muscles requires adequate weight training and a high protein diet; it is not possible to gain muscle solely through anabolic steroids use.

The intake of Testosterone plays a vital role in building potential muscles and maintaining growth equally. It helps in cutting and bulking cycles, improves performance, and unlocks potential towards building your dream body.

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