GW-501516 Cardarine MYO CARD Review: Side Effects, Dosage And Before And After Results

GW-501516 Cardarine SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) increase your stamina and endurance, allowing you to push harder during workouts and perform at your peak for extended periods. The credit for the development of GW-501516, goes to GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company that pioneered this compound. Savage Line Labs has introduced their own version of GW-501516. T But that’s not all – it’s not just about working harder.

GW-501516 helps your body burn stored fat as fuel, leading to increased fat loss and a more defined physique. However, before jumping on the Cardarine bandwagon, you must be aware of the potential side effects and risks of using this powerful SARM.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore Cardarine in-depth, including its uses, dosage, benefits, and critical side effects you need to watch out for during your fitness journey.

What is GW-501516 Cardarine (MYO CARD) SARMs? 

What is GW-501516 Cardarine (MYO CARD) SARMs?

Cardarine GW-501516 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) designed to enhance lean muscle mass and facilitate body fat loss. According to “PPARs: regulators of metabolism and as therapeutic targets in cardiovascular disease. Part II: PPAR-β/δ and PPAR-γ by Lu Han” It operates as a PPAR Delta receptor agonist, initially developed to address metabolic and cardiovascular issues in individuals. With the chemical structure C21H18F3NO3S2, this compound showed promise in early trials for hyperlipidemia and other metabolic conditions.

Its discovery dates back to 1992, resulting from a collaboration between GSK and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. The compound was later reported in a 2001 issue of PNAS, showcasing its synthesis through advanced techniques.

In the early 2000s, GW501516 entered phase I trials for hyperlipidemia and phase I/II trials in 2002. In 2007, GSK halted development despite promising results against obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Later, worries about cancer emerged from animal testing at higher doses.

GW-501516 is known for its ability to enhance energy metabolism, cardiovascular performance, boosting stamina, endurance, and fat loss in a short time. It achieves this by promoting fatty acid oxidation, changing the body’s metabolism to prioritize fat for energy rather than muscle or carbohydrates.

How Does Cardarine GW-501516 Work?

Cardarine works its magic by activating specific genes, giving your body an extra push towards improved performance. This activation increases the production of proteins responsible for energy metabolism in your skeletal muscles. This boost in protein production translates to enhanced oxygen utilization, making your muscles more efficient in converting oxygen into energy. MYO CARD users often enjoy a noticeable boost in endurance levels. It helps them push their limits and reach their fitness goals effortlessly.

Cardarine Use Cases

Cardarine has been touted as a potential solution for weight loss, diabetes management, athletic performance enhancement, and more. One notable use is in the treatment of lipid metabolism disorders. It has been investigated for its potential to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

Furthermore, Cardarine has shown promise in addressing cardiovascular issues, such as reducing high cholesterol levels and improving heart health. Many individuals are drawn to its potential to help achieve a leaner physique while improving energy metabolism and cardiovascular performance.

The Cardarine cycle may last 12 weeks for beginners, with a daily cardarine dosage of 10mg. This lower dose allows newcomers to assess your tolerance and gauge your body’s response. On the other hand, An advanced dosage could range from 20mg per day for 8 weeks.

Cardarine Stacks

One of the most effective combinations is Cardarine and Ostarine. GW-501516 is renowned for its fat-loss properties, while Ostarine (MK-2866) adds a mild anabolic touch, promoting increased muscle mass, muscle preservation and even modest gains. These two compounds complement each other beautifully, creating a powerful formula for achieving fitness goals. A potent SARM-based cutting stack that allows users to shed excess fat without compromising hard-earned muscle.

MYO CARD Benefits 

There are five incredible benefits of Cardarine are given below:

1. Enhanced Fat Loss

Cardarine is renowned for its ability to boost fat loss. This powerful compound activates PPAR-delta receptors in the body, stimulating the burning of stored fat for energy. As a result, individuals taking MYO CARD may experience accelerated fat loss, making it a valuable addition to any fitness or weight loss regimen.

2. Improved Endurance

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often turn to Cardarine to enhance their stamina during workouts. This compound boosts muscle oxygen utilization, extending exercise endurance. It enables you to push harder, yielding superior natural fat burning state and muscle growth.

3. Better Cardiovascular Health

Cardarine has shown promise in improving cardiovascular health by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) levels and reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Additionally, it may help lower triglycerides, reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting overall heart health.

4. Boosted Recovery

The enhanced recovery benefits of MYO CARD are particularly appealing to those engaged in strenuous physical activities. Accelerate your recovery by fighting inflammation and oxidative stress, boosting workout efficiency. Enhance consistency and effectiveness in training through reduced recovery times.

5. Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

Cardarine may also play a role in regulating glucose metabolism and blood sugar levels. Some studies suggest that it can improve insulin sensitivity, making it beneficial for individuals with diabetes or those looking to optimize their metabolic health. Stable blood sugar levels can contribute to better energy levels and reduced cravings.

MYO CARD Before & After Results

Over an 8-week cycle, typically taken at 20mg daily, though some opt for 50mg, users experience rapid transformations. Seasoned bodybuilders attest to its swift efficacy, with reported losses of up to 5% body fat during cutting phases.

Before MYO CARD, fatigue and weakness may plague you, but post-usage, vitality and energy surge. Just 2-3 weeks in, growth in muscle tissues and definition sharpens. Moreove, stubborn body fat vanishes from your midsection, hips, and thighs. On average, users shed a remarkable 10% body fat and 1.3-2.5 kg lean mass ithin the 8-12 week regimen.

Five Side Effects of Cardarine

Using Cardaring has its downside as well. Here are five side effects of this SARMs you need to know about:

1. Cardiovascular Concerns

According to “Cardarine (GW501516) Effects on Improving Metabolic Syndrome by Jeremy Park & Joon Young Kim” Cardarine has been linked to cardiovascular issues, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. It occurs because the compound stimulates the body’s metabolism, leading to an elevated heart rate and potentially higher blood pressure levels.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

GW-501516 can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels and an increase in estrogen levels. This hormonal imbalance can result in various unwanted effects, including changes in mood, libido, and even muscle loss.

3. Liver Stress

According to “A metabolomic study of the PPARδ agonist GW501516 for enhancing running endurance in Kunming mice by Wei Chen” This SARM can affect liver enzyme levels and, in extreme cases, lead to liver damage. The reason behind this side effect is the strain placed on the liver as it processes and metabolizes the compound.

4. Insomnia

Cardarine users have experienced insomnia as a side effect. This sleep disturbance is believed to be the compound’s stimulating effects, which can disrupt the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

5. Joint Pain

GW-501516 can make workouts and physical activities uncomfortable or even painful. The exact mechanisms behind this side effect are not entirely understood but may be related to inflammation. 

Note that, you must incorporate a post-cycle therapy after a Cardarine cycle to reduce the side effects.

C-Dine vs MYO CARD

The difference between MYO CARD and C-Dine is shown below:

FeaturesMYO CARDC-Dine
BrandSavage Line LabsCrazyBulk
Product Quality   High-quality ingredientsQuality ingredients
ReputationEstablished and trustedLimited track record
Dosage and Cycle10mg to 8 weeks20mg to 12 weeks
Quantity60 Capsules30 Capsules
Performance BenefitsIncreases stamina, Increasing fat-burning and enduranceWeight loss and enhanced endurance
Third-party TestingYesNo
Price$89.99 (60 Capsules)99.99 CAD (30 Capsules)

Who is MYO CARD Cardarine suitable for?

Who is MYO CARD Cardarine suitable for?

According to “Cardarine | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) by Yamauchi N,” MYO CARD is suitable for individuals looking to address fat loss and increase muscle growth. This powerful compound has shown promising results in reversing metabolic abnormalities among those who are obese and pre-diabetic. It does so by actively promoting fatty acid oxidation, helping improve overall health and well-being.


No, Cardarine is not legal in Canada for bodybuilding or improving physical performance. However, This powerful compound can lead to significant adverse effects. It is also not approved by world anti doping agency.


What Does GW-501516 Do to Your Body?

GW-501516 flips the body’s fuel preference from glucose to lipids, encouraging your system to burn fat for energy. This shift helps shed unwanted pounds and enhances endurance during workouts. According to “Testing for GW501516 (Cardarine) in human hair using LC/MS-MS and confirmation by LC/HRMS by Pascal Kintz” GW-501516 boosts your fat-burning capacity and increased muscle growth significantly. 

Where to Buy MYO CARD in Canada?

You can buy MYO CARD online in Canada. For a dependable and safe option, consider checking out We offer a reliable source with quality assurance and rigorous testing to ensure your peace of mind when purchasing MYO CARD in Canada. Trusted sellers are crucial when buying SARMs, so choose wisely from reputable fitness websites and online stores. Your fitness journey deserves the best, and is here to provide it.

Final Thoughts on GW 501516 Cardarine review

MYO CARD SARMs are a powerful tool for enhancing their fitness journey. Its potential benefits, including improved endurance, fat loss, and potential cardiovascular benefits, make it an attractive option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

However, using this compound responsibly and following recommended dosages is crucial, as misuse can lead to adverse effects. While Cardarine may not be suitable for everyone, it is a valuable tool for those looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. Remember, your health and safety should always be the top priority.


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