Andarine S4 SARMs: Uses, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

Andarine, or MYO-S4 SARM, is a supplement made initially to help with muscle loss and brittle bones. MYO-S4, produced by Savage Line Labs in Canada, is making its mark in bodybuilding. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) still needs to approve it officially. This kind of supplement, a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), was created in the 1990s. Andarine was designed to aim at special receptors in muscles and bones.

Key Takeaway

  • Andarine S4 was first created to help people who are losing muscle and bones that are breaking easily.
  • Early animal research on the substance indicated that it had beneficial effects on bone and muscle health, reversing bone deterioration and strengthening muscles.
  • For even better outcomes in terms of muscle growth and fat loss, Andarine S4 can be combined with other SARMs.

Besides treating weak bones, some folks have talked about using S4 SARM for things like cancer, sexual problems, Alzheimer’s, and even multiple sclerosis. In the past, it was dropped from human tests because people were worried about safety.

In early animal studies, Andarine showed it is taken by mouth and has sound effects on muscles and bones. It helped reverse muscle loss and bone problems and made bones stronger. Since it can help keep muscles and make them grow, bodybuilders have started using Andarine S4, too.

This article will look closely at Andarine S4 and its uses, dosage, benefits & side effects.

What is Andarine S4 SARM?

What is Andarine S4 SARM?

Andarine S4 is a compound initially created by GTx Inc for treating muscle and prostate issues. MYO S4 SARMs is the generic version created by Savage Line Labs. It’s praised for boosting lean muscle mass and bone strength without the harmful side effects of steroids. MYO-S4 targets specific tissues like muscles and bones, making it safer.

It helps increase vital hormones like testosterone and DHT, crucial for muscle development. Unlike many supplements, Andarine S4 stands out for effectively addressing various health concerns. Its focus on muscle and bone enhancement is a game-changer for bodybuilders.

How Does Andarine Work in Your Body?

Andarine S4 works in your body by targeting specific muscle tissues through the androgen receptor. AS LAB TESTS SHOW, this SARM has a solid binding ability to these receptors. When taken orally, MYO-S4 is swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream, typically within 48-80 minutes.

According to “Androgen Receptor and Cardiovascular Disease: A Potential Risk for the Abuse of Supplements Containing Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators by Ellis Hall” Its tissue-specific and anabolic properties make it an enticing choice for boosting human muscle and bone density. Individuals dealing with prostate issues, like hyperplasia, use Andarine to help reduce prostate size.

Andarine S4 Use Cases

Andarine S4 Use Cases

Andarine S4 is a versatile compound with various practical applications. It’s mainly used in fitness to help people build muscle and burn fat. Athletes and bodybuilders often turn to MYO-S4 to enhance their performance and achieve a lean physique. But it’s not just for those looking to get ripped; some individuals use it to improve bone health.

Andarine S4 Cycle & Dosage

As a beginner, starting with an MYO-S4 dosage of 20 to 25 mg per day for a 12-week cycle is an intelligent choice. This dosage allows your body to adapt gradually without overwhelming it. If you’re more experienced, a dosage of 50mg per day can deliver noticeable improvements in just four weeks. Andarine’s short half-life means it works quickly once you start your cycle.

Andarine Stacks

Andarine Stacks

You can easily pair Andarine with other SARMs like Ostarine, known for its extensive research. Thanks to their synergy, this combo brings out the best in lean muscle gains and fat reduction. If you aim for top-notch endurance, consider teaming MYO-S4 SARM with Cardarine GW501516. For bulking up and minimizing those pesky visual disturbances from Andarine, a combo of Andarine and Ligandrol is the way to go.

Fitness enthusiasts love Andarine S4 SARM for its remarkable results in cutting and bulking. Transform your physique in 8 weeks with MYO-S4, whether you aim for a lean look or bulk up, with added calories.

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Andarine S4 Cycle for Women

For the best results when women use MYO-S4, it’s wise to go for a cycle that lasts 8 to 12 weeks. Taking a daily dose of 12.5 mg to 25 mg during this time can help achieve the desired effects. This cycle approach can help women experience the potential benefits of MYO-S4 while minimizing the risk of side effects.

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Five Benefits of Andarine S4

Five Benefits of Andarine S4

Here are five benefits it can help you with your bodybuilding journey:

1. Increases Lean Muscle Mass

According to “Anabolic agents: recent strategies for their detection and protection from inadvertent doping by Hans Geyer” MYO-S4 helps you build bigger muscles by increasing protein synthesis in your body. It means your muscles can grow faster and more robust.

2. Fat Loss

Andarine can help burn stubborn body fat, making your muscles look more defined and sculpted.

3. Strength Boost

Andarine S4 enhances your strength, allowing you to lift heavier weights during workouts. It leads to better muscle development.

4. Improved Endurance

With increased stamina, you can work out longer and more intensely, helping you reach your fitness goals faster.

5. Joint Health

MYO-S4 supports joint health, reducing the risk of injuries during intense workouts. It helps keep you on track to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Andarine S4 Before & After Results

Andarine S4 Before & After Results

MYO-S4 is taken for about 8-12 weeks, usually at 20 -25 mg daily, though some go up to 50 mg. Expert bodybuilders say it works fast, with some losing up to 10% body fat during a cutting cycle. Before using S4, you feel tired and weak, but after, you feel more energetic and vital.

Within two to three weeks, you notice muscles getting more defined and fat disappearing from your belly, hips, and thighs. On average, users shed 5-10% body fat in 6-8 weeks. Andarine S4 preserves muscle during cutting cycles, enhancing bodybuilders’ chiselled appearance upon cycle completion.

Does Andarine Affect Testosterone Production?

Yes, Andarine necessitates post-cycle therapy (PCT) due to its mild testosterone suppression during use. PCT becomes essential since all SARMs and anabolic substances reduce testosterone levels while in use.

When you use MYO-S4 or similar substances, your body’s natural testosterone production may dip temporarily. It can lead to energy and mood changes. Post-cycle therapy helps your body return to normal hormone levels, ensuring you stay healthy and maintain your gains. It is advisable to consider using Savage PCT and Arimidex for post-cycle therapy.

Five Side Effects of Andarine S4

Five Side Effects of Andarine S4

There are five common side effects of Andarine S4 are given below:

1. Vision Changes

According to “Side Effects of Andarine (S4) by Dylan Gemelli” 3% of users report experiencing a yellowish tint in their vision when using Andarine S4, especially at night.

2. Testosterone Suppression

Andarine S4 may lower testosterone levels, reducing muscle gains and libido.

3. Liver Strain

According to “Andarine – Uses, Side Effects, and More by John Whyte” While not as severe as some other compounds, S4 may strain the liver in high doses.

4. Hair Loss

According to “S4 (Andarine): Results, Clinical Trials & Reviews by Derek” 2% of users have reported hair loss while taking S4, especially if they are prone to male pattern baldness.

5. Cardiovascular Effects

According to “Characterization of In Vitro Synthesized Equine Metabolites of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators S24 and S4 by Oliver Krug” It might lead to a slight increase in heart rate and blood pressure, which could be problematic for those with heart conditions.

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Is SARM Andarine S4 a Good Choice for Bodybuilding?

Yes, Andarine S4 is a good choice for bodybuilding. It’s gaining many fans because it helps you grow lean muscle mass, lose fat faster, and become super strong. If you want to transform your physique and enhance your workouts, MYO-S4 could be the right pick.


Does Andarine S4 Suppress Testosterone?

Yes, Andarine S4 can cause mild testosterone suppression while you’re on a cycle. It means that when you use MYO-S4, your testosterone levels might drop slightly.

Is Andarine Bulking or Cutting?

Is Andarine Bulking or Cutting?

Andarine S4 is a SARM that’s mainly used for cutting and recomposing. It helps bodybuilders and athletes build lean muscle and boost strength. You will see rapid dry gains without any water retention. By attaching to androgen receptors, it amps up protein production and encourages muscle growth.

Is Andarine a Sports Supplement?

No, Andarine is not a sports supplement. It has been banned in professional sports and prohibited by the WADA since 2008. It is a research compound categorized as a SARM. Andarine has been investigated for its potential in medical and research applications, but it is not approved for use as a sports or fitness supplement. Using Andarine for athletic purposes is not recommended due to its potential risks and legal restrictions in many regions.

What is the Half-Life of Andarine S4?

MYO-S4 SARMs’ human half-life of 4-6 hours is an intriguing subject of ongoing investigation by multiple research institutes. Stacking Andarine with Ostarine, backed by a wealth of clinical data, improves your fitness journey. Andarine’s short half-life and stacking prowess make it a top pick for fitness enthusiasts exploring SARMs.

Can I Take Andarine Together With Other Anabolic Steroids?

It is common to stack Andarine with other anabolic steroids or SARMs to enhance muscle-building and fat-cutting effects. Andarine and Ostarine are often used together due to their synergistic impact, optimizing muscle building, muscle strength and fat loss. Additionally, combining Andarine S4 with Cardarine GW501516 is a popular alternative to achieve exceptional endurance gains.

Is Andarine Safe for Bodybuilding?

Yes, Andarine is considered safe for bodybuilding. MYO-S4’s targeted mechanism makes it ideal for bodybuilders to enhance muscle and bone density. It mainly targets muscle and bone tissues, minimizing potential side effects on other organs.

Where Can I Buy Andarine S4 Online?

Where Can I Buy Andarine S4 Online?

For the best Andarine S4 in Canada, look no further than This reliable online shop offers a wide range of high-quality MYO-S4 supplements to support your fitness journey. With our reputable products and easy ordering process, getting the necessary supplements has always been challenging.

Final Thoughts

Andarine S4 is a promising SARM initially developed for medical purposes (muscle wasting diseases, prostate cancer), but now it’s widely used in the fitness world. You can benefit from this compound because it offers targeted muscle enhancement.

Unlike anabolic steroids, MYO-S4 stimulates muscle growth, increases strength and endurance, physical performance and promotes optimal joint health without causing severe side effects.

For beginners, taking a cautious approach with a daily low dosage of 20-25 mg is recommended. In contrast, experienced users can safely increase their intake to 50 mg daily. You should know potential side effects like vision changes and testosterone suppression. These are managed with post-cycle therapy.

MYO-S4 works well when you stack it with other SARMS, amplifying its benefits for your fitness goals. It’s also suitable for women, with a recommended dosage of 12.5-25 mg daily for 8-12 weeks.

This SARM offers advantages like muscle growth and fat loss. You can anticipate visible results within three to four weeks of using it. Despite potential side effects, its tissue-specific targeting makes it a relatively safe choice for your bodybuilding journey.


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