Winstrol Steroid (STANOZOLOL): Side Effects, Benefits, Cycle & Dosage Guide

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Are you considering using the Winstrol cycle to promote increase strength, muscle growth and muscle preservation? Winstrol is a favoured steroid by bodybuilders and athletes for this.

Key Takeaway

  • Bodybuilders and athletes use Winstrol to improve their performance and physique.
  • It is critical to understand the possible advantages and hazards of Winstrol and other anabolic steroids before using them.
  • Because of its fat-burning qualities, Winstrol is a popular choice for people looking to lose weight while retaining muscular mass.

Winstrol (stanozolol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid known for its ability to promote muscle growth and fat loss. It is a popular PED among bodybuilders and athletes. However, it is crucial to be aware of the potential side effects of Winstrol before using it, such as hormonal imbalance, acne, and risks of heart attacks, strokes, and liver damage.

This guide will provide you with a detailed look at Winstrol, including its history, benefits, side effects, and recommended dosage. We aim to provide a balanced and comprehensive overview so you can make informed decisions about its use.


Winstrol (Stanozolol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone that is used in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for its reputed performance-enhancing capabilities. It was intended to prevent the symptoms of hereditary angioedema and the severity of angioedema episodes. Winstrol belongs to the Schedule III Anabolic Steroids class of medicines.

Stanozolol promotes strength, lean muscle growth, and improved body composition. However, like all anabolic steroids, Winstrol comes with potential side effects, including liver damage, virilization, unbalanced cholesterol levels, and changes in skin condition. The dosage and cycle of Winstrol depend on several factors, including the user’s goals, experience, age, gender, weight, fitness level, and overall health.

Winstrol, known as Stanozolol, is one of the most commonly used drugs during cutting cycles. Stanozolol administration promotes fat loss and helps build muscle mass and strength gains. Experienced users use many other anabolics to achieve similar results.

It’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional before using Winstrol to determine the appropriate cycle plan and to manage and reduce the risks of side effects.


Stanozolol and Winstrol are the same substance. Winstrol is the brand name for the synthetic anabolic steroid Stanozolol, which is derived from testosterone.

Stanozolol is the chemical name for Winstrol. Stanozolol, better known as Winstrol, is a famous anabolic steroid that professional users use to improve muscles and physical performance. In the bodybuilding and weightlifting circuits, it is also known as Winny.

It is known for promoting strength, lean muscle growth, and improved body composition.


Anabolic steroid Winstrol is usually taken orally as round tablets or pills but can also be injected. For the oral steroid STANOZOLOL, the recommended daily dosage is typically 20 to 50 mg for men and 5 to 10 mg for women.


  • Men: typically take 50-100mg per day
  • Women: 5 to 10 mg for women. But it is not recommended for women.


  • A beginner oral Winstrol cycle runs for 6 weeks at a dosage of 20-50mg daily.
  • Intermediate users can take 40-80mg daily of oral Winstrol for a 6 week cycle.
  • Advanced users may use 50-100mg/day for four weeks.


STANOZOLOL works quickly, with improvements visible in less than a month. It is one of the most popular gear among bodybuilders for reducing body fat and increasing muscular growth. After the first cycle, the user finds remarkable increases in muscle toning and expansion with suitable food and training programs.


Winstrol (Stanozolol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid used in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for its reputed performance-enhancing capabilities. Here is a concise guide to its benefits:

  • Winstrol is a cutting steroid that burns fat and promotes a leaner physique.
  • It can increase the body’s metabolic rate, potentially leading to fat loss.
  • Winstrol can enhance performance and endurance, increasing overall endurance and speed.
  • It can increase strength, speed, agility, and power.
  • It can improve the body’s production of red blood cells, allowing muscles to work longer and harder.
  • Stanozolol is also used to treat hereditary angioedema.

However, Winstrol comes with potential side effects, including liver damage, virilization, unbalanced cholesterol levels, and changes in skin condition. More on that later!


Bodybuilders use Stanozolol because it is thought to improve performance by making people stronger, building lean muscle, and changing how their bodies look. When bodybuilders use Stanozolol, these things happen:

  • Stanozolol is a cutting steroid that helps you lose fat and get leaner. According to a study by P C Bates, L F Chew, and D J Millward It can speed up the metabolism, it might help you lose fat.
  • Stanozolol can improve performance and endurance, making you faster and with more endurance.
  • It can make you stronger, faster, more agile, and give you more power.
  • Stanozolol can help the body make more red blood cells, which makes muscles work longer and harder.
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Results from Winstrol use can be noticeable within the first few weeks of use. Users can gain approximately 10-15lbs of lean muscle, with a significant reduction in body fat from a typical cycle of Winstrol.

Winstrol is a powerful anabolic steroid that can help athletes and bodybuilders improve their physical performance in a variety of ways. It can help them achieve a lean physique, enhance strength and endurance, improve muscle hardness, preservation, and definition, increase red blood cells, and improve speed, agility, and power.


Yes, STANOZOLOL burns fat. In addition to its effect on metabolism, Winstrol increases the pace at which the body burns fat, which aids in weight loss. This implies that it aids in the breakdown of stored fat cells, converting them into energy that the body can utilise. This may aid in the reduction of body fat and the improvement of body composition.


Winstrol can be effectively used for both bulking and cutting. However, since it promotes fat loss and has little water retention, it quickly became a favorite bodybuilding cutting steroid. Because Winstrol does not convert to estrogen, it is an excellent steroid for fat reduction cycles.


Stanozolol has been used to treat vein dysfunction with modest effectiveness. It promotes blood fibrinolysis and has been studied for the treatment of advanced skin abnormalities associated with venous illness, such as lipodermatosclerosis.

Several randomized trials found that stanozolol improved lipodermatosclerosis, decreased skin thickness, and perhaps accelerated ulcer healing rates. It’s also being researched for the treatment of hereditary angioedema, osteoporosis, and skeletal muscle damage.


Winstrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that can cause several side effects, including:

  1. Gastrointestinal effects such as nausea and vomiting.
  2. Virilization in female patients, including deepening voice, hirsutism, acne, clitomegaly (not reversible), and menstrual abnormalities.
  3. Termination of linear bone growth by closure of the epiphyseal growth centers.
  4. Hepatic neoplasms and hepatocellular carcinomas following prolonged therapy with large doses of anabolic steroids.
  5. Retention of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chloride, water, and phosphorus, and decrease urinary excretion of calcium.
  6. Dehydration, dry and sore joints, and liver toxicity.
  7. Lowering the level of high-density lipoproteins and raising the level of low-density lipoproteins.
  8. Oligospermia in males and amenorrhea in females.
  9. Carcinoma of the breast in females with hypercalcemia.
  10. Fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman.


Winstrol side effects at higher doses include liver tissue damage, difficulty sleeping, and persistent erections in men.

Liver damage

According to this study by Eren Ozcagli and team, Winstrol can cause liver damage, especially when used in high doses or for long periods. Symptoms of liver damage include yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, and abdominal pain.

Cholesterol problems

Winstrol can lower HDL (good) cholesterol and raise LDL (bad) cholesterol. This can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Increased risk of blood clots

Winstrol can increase the risk of blood clots, which can lead to heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism.

Side Effects of Winstrol


The following conditions are not compatible with Winstrol. Consult your doctor if you have any of these conditions:

  • Liver problems
  • Nephrotic syndrome (a type of kidney disorder)
  • Coronary artery disease, high cholesterol
  • High blood calcium from metastatic breast cancer
  • Breast cancer in a male patient
  • Diabetes
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Pregnancy
  • A patient who is producing milk and breastfeeding

Differences between oral and injectable Winstrol

Both forms of Winstrol function similarly, but the injectable version is superior for building new muscle tissue due to increased nitrogen retention. The oral version has some advantages, including ease of consumption and possible synergy. The injectable version is the same as the oral version, but micronized Stanozolol powder is suspended in water or oil. Injectable Winstrol is less harmful to the liver than oral Winstrol, which can cause side effects.


Yes, Winstrol is illegal in Canada for bodybuilding an performance enhancement. It is in the list of prohibited substances of World Anti Doping Agency as well. It is illegal to possess or use Winstrol without a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider and in accordance with Food and Drug Administration regulations.


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FINAL THOUGHTS ON STANOZOLOL STEROID Cycle, Side Effects, Benefits, & Dosage

Winstrol steroids are an effective and popular gear to boost muscle gains and increases strength. But using anabolic steroids, including Stanozolol, carries significant risks and potential consequences. Understanding the potential side effects and long-term health risks associated with their use and the legal implications of purchasing and using these substances is essential.

When it comes to enhancing performance and achieving fitness goals, there are legal alternatives available that provide comparable benefits to anabolic steroids, such as Winsol. These alternatives offer similar advantages while minimizing the potential risks typically associated with anabolic steroid use.

To ensure your well-being and make informed choices about your health and fitness objectives, it is strongly recommended to consult with a licensed healthcare provider. They possess the expertise to guide you through the various options and help you select the most suitable approach for your individual needs.


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