Testosterone Vs Anabolic Steroids: Difference Between Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids


Testosterone is a natural hormone in our bodies that is vital for male development. On the other hand, steroids, specifically anabolic steroids, are synthetic compounds designed to boost muscle growth and athletic performance. Your body tightly regulates testosterone, maintaining a healthy balance, and sometimes, it may need medical help in the form of Testosterone Replacement […]

Anabolic Steroids Glossary, Terms and Slangs You Should Know

Anabolic Steroids Glossary Terms and Slangs You Should Know

Here, I’m breaking down some of the most prevalent terms and definitions about steroids. ANABOLIC STEROIDS (AAS) Anabolic steroids, or anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), are synthetic compounds that mimic testosterone, enhancing muscle size, strength, and athletic performance. They promote muscle growth through increased protein synthesis. Typically administered as injectables or orally, overuse can lead to serious […]

SARMs Vs Anabolic Steroids: Which One is More Effective?

Anabolic Steroids Vs SARMs

SARMs elegantly focus on muscles and bones, bypassing the diverse side effects linked to AAS. On the other hand, AAS, synthetic compounds mirroring testosterone’s results, have a long history of performance enhancement yet frequently carry worrisome health hazards.  So, which one holds the upper hand in the effectiveness and safety battle? In this blog post, […]

Top 5 Injectable Steroids for Bodybuilding in Canada

Top Injectable Steroids for Bodybuilding in Canada

These substances have a long-standing reputation in the fitness world for their effectiveness. Injectables provide distinct advantages. These advantages include better absorption, stability, and potency. Steroid injection tend to have a longer half-life, providing a sustained release of the steroid over time. In this article, we will discuss best legal steroids favored by bodybuilding community. We […]

How Much Do Anabolic Steroids Cost in Canada in 2024

How Much Do Steroids Cost in Canada

Factors such as the type, brand, and usage purpose significantly determine the cost. If you require prescription steroids for medical reasons, the price can range from $30 to $170 monthly. The expenses can become exorbitant if you’re not using them for medical purposes. In this blog post, we will explore the cost of steroids in […]

What Are The Best Steroids for Weight Loss in 2024?

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s often shrouded in mystery: the best steroids for weight loss. Not anymore! In this discussion, we’ll deep dive into the mechanics of anabolic steroids for weight loss, explore the top steroids for achieving this goal, and uncover the best practices for using them to attain maximum results while […]

Proven 3 days a week workout routine while on anabolic cycle

Starting out on anabolic steroids for bodybuilding can be hard and confusing, with a lot of questions and unknowns. Some people may think that these supplements make it easy to gain strength or muscle, but the truth is much more complicated. To get in your dream body shape, you need to do more than just […]

Do Injectable Steroids Work Fast? How Long to See Results?

injectable steroids Canada

When it comes to increasing performance and growing muscle, many users struggle with the decision between oral and injectable steroids. While novices may avoid injectables owing to worries about needles or probable administration errors, others dispute the efficacy and reputation of oral steroids. Today, we will dig into the argument and examine the benefits and […]

Role of Protein in Muscle Building: Optimal Protein Intake Guide

buy steroids Canada

Protein is an important element of bodybuilding. Without it, it is tough to build muscles or bulk up. You have to take the proper amount of protein along with a proper workout. Some use steroids to supplement protein synthesis in the body. Anabolic steroids increase the rate of protein synthesis in the body to help […]