Testosterone side effects

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What are the side effects of Testosterone? Male vs. Female

Steroids Canada is an ever-growing industry. Testosterone is a male hormone. It determines the development of male attributes. It is commonly used by bodybuilders to improve physical performance.

Testosterone comes with potential side effects as well. They should be considered before taking the steroid. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of testosterone for men. To counter side effects, you should find out How to take testosterone first. Find out more about What is Testosterone here.

The Pros of Testosterone for Men

Testosterone can have several benefits for men.

Some of these include:

  • Increased energy levels,
  • Improved libido,
  • Better cognitive functioning,
  • Enhanced muscle size and strength,
  • And improved physical performance.
  • Testosterone can also help reduce body fat.
  • And boost bone density.

These benefits make testosterone popular for people. Especially bodybuilders looking to increase their gains in the gym or on the field. The potential side effects of testosterone include:

An increased risk of heart attack or stroke,

  • Prostate enlargement,
  • Hair loss,
  • Acne breakouts,
  • Mood swings,
  • Aggression and “roid rage”,
  • Testicular shrinkage,
  • Infertility issues,
  • Liver problems,
  • And sleep apnea.

In addition to these risks, long-term use of testosterone has been linked to higher rates of prostate cancer in some men. 

Physical Side Effects

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The most common physical side effect of testosterone use is acne. Testosterone can make your skin more oily. That means it’s more prone to breakouts. Try using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer made for acne-prone skin.

You may want to take a break from your testosterone supplement if your acne persists. Another potential physical side effect is hair loss. This is due to increased levels of DHT. Women typically have lower levels of DHT than men do.

So, when their levels increase, their hair may start thinning out. Or falling out completely. If this occurs, consult with your doctor. There are medications available that can help mitigate this issue.

Mental Side Effects

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Testosterone can cause mental side effects as well. Like anxiety and depression in some cases due to its ability to affect hormone balance in the brain. Increased anxiety could be an indication that something isn’t quite right with your hormones. So, talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible.

It may be necessary to adjust your dosage. Or switch up your supplement entirely in order to find the right balance for you.


How to avoid Testosterone side effects?

To avoid the side effects you have to moderate the use. Start with smaller doses first. And then increase them over time. This will also help reduce any potential risk from taking too much testosterone altogether.

Additionally, make sure that you monitor your levels regularly with blood tests. So you know when your levels are getting too high or too low. It will give you a better insight of how your body responds to different dosages.

Finally, be sure to follow any instructions given by your trainer for proper usage. They will be able to provide advice on how best to use any supplement safely and effectively. in order to get the desired results without risking any harm to your health in the process.


When to take Testosterone Treatment?

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Hormone replacement therapy is for people with testosterone deficiency.  There are different signs and symptoms that point towards low testosterone levels through blood test. Some of these might be loss of sexual function, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, sleep disorder, body hair loss. Among others.

There are male patients that require long term testosterone therapy as well. But that depends on the low blood testosterone levels. The best time to take testosterone is in the morning. Your natural levels of testosterone are highest in the morning.

Testosterone side effects should always be studied too. So taking testosterone at this time will help replenish your supply. This also ensures that your body has plenty of time before bedtime. This can help reduce any potential side effects. Like insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Men with low testosterone levels feel better after testosterone therapy.

This may be because their energy levels, sex drive, and mood improve. But it is important to remember that only men who have symptoms of low testosterone and blood levels that confirm this as the cause of symptoms should consider treatment.

There are risks and benefits to taking testosterone therapy. So it is important to talk with your doctor to see if it is the right choice for you. Another reason people take testosterone therapy is to get gain muscle mass. Body builders are usually looking for an effective way increase muscle mass.


Testosterone and meal plans

It’s not just what you eat but when you eat that can influence your hormones. Eating 6 meals per day (compared to 3) can lead to higher testosterone levels. Eating frequent meals keeps your blood sugar stable. Which helps regulate insulin and other hormones. Eating more frequent meals also prevents hunger and cravings. Leading to better decisions about the quantity of food you consume.


Another important factor is calorie intake. Too few calories can negatively impact testosterone production. But, too many calories can have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

Especially if those calories come from unhealthy sources like processed foods or sugary drinks. It’s important to find the right balance of healthy foods that will provide proper nutrition. Without causing weight gain or other health issues related to excessive calorie consumption.


The types of food you eat can also influence your hormones. High-protein diets have been linked to higher levels of free testosterone. Compared to moderate protein diets. So, make sure you’re getting plenty of lean proteins. Like chicken and fish in your diet! Many studies suggest healthy fats could help increase testosterone production as well. Such as olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.

Just be sure to watch your portion size. So you don’t exceed daily fat recommendations! Carbohydrates should be included in moderation. They tend to cause spikes in blood sugar. Which could lead to lower hormone levels over time.

There are several types of testosterone replacement therapy. All of them can improve testosterone levels:

  • Skin patch (transdermal):

Androderm is a skin patch that is applied to the arm or upper body once a day. It contains testosterone.

  • Gels:

AndroGel and Testim come in packets of clear testosterone gel. When you apply the gel once a day, the testosterone is absorbed directly through your skin. AndroGel, Axiron, and Fortesta also come in pumps that deliver the amount of testosterone prescribed by your doctor. Natesto is a gel applied inside the nose.

  • Mouth patch:

Striant is a tablet that sticks to the upper gums above the incisor, the tooth just to the right or left of the two front teeth. Applied twice a day.


Why Do Bodybuilders Stack Steroids?

The main reason is to be able to build lean body mass really fast.

Popular stacks and cycles are:

    • Massive cycle
    • Classic stack
    • lean stack
    • First timer stack

These are done using:

You can find the Ultimate guide for Dianabol, and all of the information in there.


Benefits of Testosterone Replacement therapy

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Testosterone replacement therapy can help improve:

  • Your physical performance,
  • Build muscle mass faster,
  • Increase your energy and focus,
  • Reduce stress levels,
  • And improve your sexual health.

It is safe when supervised by a doctor.

Two most popular testosterone are:

    • Testosterone Propionate
    • Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer

If a man taking testosterone is diagnosed with prostate cancer, it doesn’t mean that the testosterone caused the cancer. However, men taking testosterone should be monitored by a physician, including checking their PSA. This might lead to a greater likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate cancer – because a doctor is looking for it.

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