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Dianabol is known as one of the most powerful oral steroids. There is a lot more to this compound than simply consuming it & letting it help you boost muscle growth. So, before you order steroids, Canada, have a look at the extensive guide on Dianabol. It’s crucial to know what you are getting into & the potential benefits while taking it.

What Is Dianabol?

Dianabol is often known as DBol. It is an oral androgenetic anabolic steroid & was first introduced back in the year 1955 & has grown out to be one of the most frequently used oral anabolic for performance & physique enhancing purposes.

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Dosage Information About Dianabol

Using the appropriate dosage of DBol is crucial as it affects the results & side effects that you might experience.

Before you buy Dianabol, keep in mind that is a potent compound that can provide results at low doses. Generally speaking, DBol must be used at 25-50 mg per day. Newbies are advised to begin with 25 mg to feel the effects. From there on, most individuals will gradually make their way up to the desired dosage, which does not necessarily need to be 50mg.

Obviously, you will find more experienced consumers that run it at higher doses, but that might put you at risk of harmful effects.

Benefits Of Dianabol

There is a reason why DBol is one of the most widely used oral anabolic androgenic steroids. That is because it has multiple benefits that might help athletes significantly enhance their performance. So, before you order steroids online, let’s have a look at these benefits. 

Once Dianabol is taken, it begins kicking in real fast, & the first thing the consumer will notice is the enhancement in strength. You will be able to move heavier weights & get in more reiteration on your exercises.

Almost a week later, the consumer will begin to notice the increase in size. Every week you will notice a vast change in your physique, & the scale will escalate. It will be a blend of muscle mass & water retention as Dianabol causes immense bloat.

During the whole cycle, your muscles will heal a lot quicker. That means you will be able to handle more bulk during your training courses. Faster healing plays a crucial part in growing muscle, so that is another great benefit.

As you might see, there are several reasons why an athlete would consume Dianabol. But it is crucial to know that it is not all benefits & there is a lot more to learn. 

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Must-knows of Dianabol Cycle

You have made it this far into this guide to know that DBol is an extremely potent & effective compound. You might easily gain anywhere between 10 to 20lbs with a regular & short cycle. Therefore, if you are thinking about running a DBol (Dianabol) cycle, you should know what to do.

First of all, what you must know is that DBol suppresses your production of natural testosterone. That means running it by itself is not a great idea, which is why most pile it with Testosterone Enanthate.

If you do not have a testosterone base, you will feel horrible & would not be able to sustain the gains you have made.

Moving on before you order steroids online, Canada, let’s discuss the cycle length. As Dianabol is hepatotoxic, you should not run it for longer than four to six weeks max. During those four to six weeks, you will need to use an on-cycle support supplementation.

Most bodybuilders use Dianabol to jumpstart a cycle, which helps them transit much more efficiently. Here are the two most famous cycle options with Dianabol.

Dianabol & Testosterone Cycle

Far & away, the most popular choice is the Dianabol & Testosterone cycle. However, this type of cycle usually lasts for about twelve weeks.

It is a good idea to mix the two because, with a Dianabol-only cycle, you would not have any testosterone flowing thru your body.

During the first 4 weeks of that twelve-week cycle, you take Dianabol at 25 to 50mg per day to kick-start your cycle.

Four weeks later, the Testosterone Enanthate begins to kick in, providing you a smooth transit of compounds. So practically, while the Testosterone is waiting to fire up, you are already making excellent progress due to the Dianabol.

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Dianabol-Only Cycle

Some consumers choose to run a Dianabol-only cycle for 4-6 weeks. During this time, you only take that compound & nothing else.

It is generally done by those who want to gain muscle rapidly without having to take any shots. Before you order steroids, Canada, keep in mind that many do not recommend taking this product by itself, but it is still likely to do so.

With the Dianabol-only cycle, you will definitely gain a substantial amount of size in those four to six weeks. However, do not forget to use cycle support during this time.


Dianabol is one of the most common oral steroids; many athletes consume it to help them reach a higher level in their physique & performance. However, if you plan to go ahead with your Dianabol cycle, ensure that you use cycle support to keep your body healthy & protected.

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