Do Anabolic Steroids Help You Cut Down Unnecessary Fat?

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Some fitness enthusiasts strongly believe that anabolic steroids such as testosterone can assist in proper fat loss. This particular hormone is considered important for the maintenance of typical male features. It also helps promote faster muscle growth for both male and female individuals. So, the next time you are looking for something to cut down some fat from your body, you can opt for steroids Canada online

Men naturally have a good amount of testosterone flowing through their bodies. However, there could be certain health issues, or even the age factor can lead to testosterone deficiency. This predisposes them to apparent weight gain along with excessive fat deposits. 

So, let us discuss how anabolic steroids Canada help cut down on unnecessary fat deposits. 

Let us get to the basics. 

Testosterone: What is it?

Testosterone is an important sex hormone found among male individuals. It is primarily produced in men’s testicles and women’s ovaries. Hormones are messengers in your body that are important to the proper functioning of the body. They flow through your bloodstream and help them reach the target cells. 

Now, when these hormones reach the compatible cells, the first thing that happens is the binding process with the receptors. This tends to affect the way your body and, specifically, some parts function. The prime role of anabolic steroids such as testosterone is the promotion of male characteristics such as increased muscle development, deeper voice, stronger bones, & body/facial hair growth. 

An important function played by testosterone for both males and females is to help maintain muscle mass while promoting the growth of muscles and enhanced bone strength. With age, testosterone levels tend to decline, and this partly explains bone and muscle loss. 

Not just decreased muscle growth, but lack of testosterone can also lead to faster weight gain

Testosterone for Weight Loss

When looking for the best steroids Canada online, nothing could be better than the naturally occurring hormone, Testosterone. This hormone helps promote muscle growth while suppressing fat gain. This is why testosterone-deficient individuals are prone to faster fat gain as compared to their healthy peers. 

Muscles can burn down a lot of calories as compared to fat tissues. This is why the absence of properly defined muscles puts individuals at the risk of eating a lot & storing an excessive amount of calories in the form of fat. Several researchers focus on the notion that a reduced muscle population in the body can lead to significant weight gain among men. 

Obesity & Testosterone: How are they related?

Obesity can also be a reason for suppressed levels of testosterone in the body. On average, overweight or obese men tend to have a 30 percent lower level of testosterone in the body as compared to the ones with normal weight. About 70 percent or more morbidly obese individuals suffer from issues such as testosterone deficiency or male hypogonadism. This disorder is characterized by abnormally low hormone levels. Moreover, male hypogonadism might also reverse as you lose weight and gain muscles. 

There is no sure proof of why testosterone level is lower in men that are obese. However, studies tend to point towards specific processes. 

First off, belly fat tends to have a super high level of the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme converts testosterone into the female hormone named estrogen. This is why overweight or obese men tend to have higher levels of estrogen as compared to men with normal weight. 

Moreover, high estrogen and aromatase activity reduce GRH or gonadotropin-releasing hormone production. The reduction in GRH can lead to low luteinizing hormone levels that reduce testosterone production. Simply put, an excess amount of belly fat tends to suppress the body’s testosterone levels. 

Can testosterone-based anabolic steroids help with weight loss?

Anabolic testosterone steroids Canada online, are mostly used by bodybuilders to speed up the muscle growth process while helping you maintain a healthy body weight. However, the key is to maintain the formation of the muscle mass and retain it for the long term. 

Testosterone helps with weight loss while promoting muscle growth that in turn helps increase the calories burned in the process. With time, it can help reduce issues such as fatigue and enhance motivation while promoting the capability to indulge in more physical activities. When combined, all these factors tend to play a big role in the weight loss process. 

How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally?

The prime symptoms of a body that is testosterone deficient are:

  • Lower libido than normal
  • Difficulty developing or maintaining an erection
  • Less intensity of orgasms
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced muscles
  • Low mood
  • Sudden weight gain

Individuals that have low testosterone levels can simply confirm it with the help of a blood test. Apart from this, you can indulge in strength training, opt for vitamin-D supplements, get a good amount of zinc, and get proper sleep. Most of all, the key is to relax & minimize your stress levels. 


Having adequate levels of testosterone in the body is important to keep you healthy and to go throughout. With the right amount of testosterone, you can maintain your muscle mass while speeding up the calorie-burning process. Moreover, a good testosterone level keeps you physically active and helps you stay motivated. 

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